Just imagine your own synthetic grass similar to that seen on TV on sports fields but specially made for private homes and/or commercial properties:
  • Never needs mowing
  • No more topsoil, compost or fertilizer to buy every year
  • No more worry about white worms or infestations of other pests
  • No more private contracts for watering
  • Easy to install by yourself or by our qualified personnel
Your property will always look it's best for your guests.

SPECIAL : Slate (pieces)

Balance of marchandise, quantities are limited for each size

Slate (pieces) 18kg bags

  • Small mix 1" to 2" - $6 per bag
  • Medium mix 3" to 4" - $8 per bag
  • Large mix 4" to 5" - $10 per bag
  • In quantity (S, M or L) - $55 per pallet

Transport from Granby, QC & taxes are extra

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